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tensaihost's Journal

29 February
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Name: Fuji Syuusuke
Journal: tensaihost
Age: 22
Host type: mysterious type
Reason to host: something new and interesting, plus the money is good and there's likely to be some intriguing mischief to be had

Appearance: Unlike most of his former teammates, Fuji hasn't changed much, his frame still slim and seemingly delicate although this can be quite deceptive - just ask his former opponents. He hasn't gained anything beyond the 167 cm he measured his third year of junior high. His hair is still the same honey blondish-brown, his eyes still the same piercing aqua. There is something both feminine and masculine about Syuusuke, his smile both welcoming and intriguing.

Personality: Fuji remains an enigma - relaxed and smiling one moment, intensely serious and protective the next. There is always the glimpse of something mischevious gleaming in his eyes if one knows where to look, as if he's sharing some inside joke. He might not be the one to pull the prank but it wouldn't be surprising if he was the mastermind behind it. It always seems as if he's in control - but perhaps, just perhaps, he might let go of that control for the right person.

History: Fuji moved from junior high to senior high at Seigaku with ease, continuing to play tennis and torment his opponents. University soon followed and he chose Photography as his major, letting tennis take a back seat for the time being (although he still toys with the idea of going pro, even if just to try a Tsubame Gaeshi on Nadal). He took the past year off to travel the world, capturing its natural beauty in his camera lens. However, his camera also didn't hesitate to catch some of the grittier parts of the world he lives in, opening those usually-lidded eyes to even more interesting sights. Wanting to continue new experiences he shifted his classes a bit and applied for a host position as more of a joke but found that he enjoyed the company, especially after finding out that so many friends and former rivals were also employed at the same place.


There was something woodsy and welcoming about the Earth floor, so different from sterile Air or sensual Fire. It was the perfect place for a new customer - and a shy one at that. It also helped to have a host who looked at his princess with a smile as bright and warm as the sun, his graceful fingers gentle as he picked a rose from a nearby vase, one of many in the room, and tucked the thornless flower behind the girl's hair.

"There, Minami-hime. A perfect flower for a perfect princess," he murmured softly against her ear. The usually plain girl blossomed, blush coloring her cheeks prettily.

Anything else? Not so far :)