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Another day, another year....

So this is what it feels to be 5 and 3/4s.......getting a bit up in the years, aren't I?

Thank you everyone for the warm birthday wishes. The gifts are lovely, dearest princesses - although you really didn't have to give me anything. Just being around those I consider friends and family is more than enough.

I can't wait for dinner :)

Just a friendly suggestion :)

Dear lovely Princesses,

I'm not one to protest too much and I like to think I can go with the flow with the best of them. However, I'd like to propose a week's sabbatical from kimono-wearing. We won't mention the fact that I now owe my lovely sister for borrowing hers even though Kaa-san said it was okay. I hate being in Yumiko's debt because it usually means something awkward and embarrassing. After that kimonos are up for negotiation but for now I'd like to try wearing trousers at work, alright? :)
So I let Yumiko read my fortune again - my big sister seems obsessed with knowing about my life, especially since I started working here. I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to visit one of these days. Fortunately I convinced her to just do a 3 card reading - Past, Present, and Future. Her full readings can take hours so this was a reasonable compromise.

Past: Ace of Cups

Yumiko says that the Ace of Cups means that I recently experienced an outpouring of emotion or a renewal of something special. I haven't been in a relationship in a while but I think it might be referring to my recent travels. I've learned just how much I love photography, how much capturing the world in a camera lens feels like what I was made to do. It's given me a new purpose in life.

Present: The Sun

According to my sister this card stands for personal rebirth, a new relationship, or an end to financial worries. *laughs* I guess it could mean the latter - I definitely cannot complain about my wages here. As for relationships - we shall have to see. I'm open to the chance - but will anyone take a chance on me? *laughs*

Future: Six of Wands

I think Yumiko actually squealed when she turned this card over. She thinks that success will be in my future. My question is, success in what?


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